History of MBS

History of MBS

History of Major Beach Soccer

A True Visionary building a Tradition

Beach soccer was imported to the United Sates from Brazil in the early 1990s when Peter Mellor, former Premier League goalkeeper (Fulham and Portsmouth), MLS and US National Team Coaching Staff and while working as the USL National Technical Director he staged the first beach soccer tournament in the United States in Clearwater, Florida in 1991. Peter, was inspired after visiting Rio de Janeiro and watching beach soccer on Copacabana in the 1980s, and decided to bring the new sport to North America to enhance youth soccer skills.

In the summer of 1993 - working closely with the English sports brand Umbro - Mellor founded Soccer on the Beach Enterprises and held a pro beach soccer event at Miami's South Beach. Since then, Mellor has continually and successfully carried the torch for beach soccer in the United States.

In 2010, Mellor entered a partnership with United Soccer Leagues (USL) and the Major Beach Soccer Series was brought to life. Peter continued at the helm delivering great events that saw a growth in quality and quantity of participants.

Later in 2011, USL and Major Beach Soccer adopted the FIFA laws of the game. Following the adoption of FIFA laws of the game, MBS in partnership with Soccer In The Sand hosted the inaugural MBS National Championship in Clearwater Beach; crowning for the first time in North America, a Beach Soccer Champion. In conjunction with the MBS National Championship, USL and US Soccer hosted the first-ever FIFA Beach Soccer Coaching and Referee symposium held in North America; furthering MBS' commitment to coaching, referee and player education and development.

In 2013 Peter Mellor became the sole operator of Major Beach Soccer and continued building its tradition and legacy in the beach soccer community and what it seems a tall task seven years ago, the Annual National Championship was born.

Our National Championship 2016 Edition (7 th year) has grown in scope, awareness, quality of play with a participation of 60 teams where 20 teams travelled from 11 different states to the beautiful Clearwater Beach, Florida.

In January of 2017, Peter decided that it was time to begin transitioning and reducing his day to day management of the business by selling it to two individuals that Peter has trusted and known personally for many years, committed to the legacy and building on the tradition. Peter will remain as an active consultant for Major Beach Soccer.