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Major Beach Soccer tournament coming to Cocoa Beach

Article by David Berman | courtesy of FLORIDA TODAY
Published 7:04 p.m. ET March 13, 2017 | Updated 5:25 p.m. ET March 19, 2017

A large beach soccer tournament for both youths and adults has been scheduled for Cocoa Beach this summer.

The beach at Alan Shepard Park at the east end of State Road 520 will be one of four sites for the Major Beach Soccer Summer Qualifying Tournament, joining Clearwater Beach, Coquina Beach in Bradenton and Daytona Beach. The Cocoa Beach event will be the weekend of July 22 and 23.

Major Beach Soccer action during 2016 Summer Qualifying Tournament Series in the adult open division.
(Photo: Photo courtesy of Major Beach Soccer)

In announcing the addition of Cocoa Beach to the tour, Major Beach Soccer managing partner Eddie Carvacho said he is "thrilled to add Space Coast/Cocoa Beach as a host destination," and is looking forward to producing a "fun and action-packed tournament."

The tournament will have as many as 14 divisions, ranging from a coed event for players under 8 years old, to open division for adult men, adult women and coed teams, as well as a coed event for players over 30 years old. Some divisions might be combined, depending on how many teams are entered.

Carvacho said, for a first-year tournament site, 40 teams would be a good turnout for the Cocoa Beach event.

Major Beach Soccer action during 2016 Summer Qualifying Tournament Series in the youth division.
(Photo: Photo courtesy of Major Beach Soccer)

Space Coast Office of Tourism Executive Director Eric Garvey said the wide beaches of Cocoa Beach make it a perfect venue for beach soccer.

"Florida’s Space Coast is home to some of the best beaches in the state,” Garvey said in announcing the event. “Bringing in events like Major Beach Soccer highlights the area’s clean, safe and accessible beaches to the world. We are very happy to welcome Major Beach Soccer’s active-lifestyle and family-friendly atmosphere to Cocoa Beach. We think it's going to be a huge success for Cocoa Beach. The excitement of the games and talent of the players will bring lots of attention to our destination."

Garvey said beach sports "are an ideal segment of the sports tourism industry that we are trying to capitalize on to expose visitors to all the area has to offer.”

Major Beach Soccer action during 2016 Summer Qualifying Tournament Series in the youth coed division.
(Photo: Photo courtesy of Major Beach Soccer)

Garvey said the Space Coast Office of Tourism will pay tournament organizers $10,000 to help cover event costs and marketing. The money comes from Brevard County's 5 percent Tourist Development Tax on hotel rooms and other short-term rentals.

But Garvey said the county's tourism sector will recoup much more than that in added business that the tournament will generate.

Many of the players and their families also are likely to extend their stays on the Space Coast, and make a vacation out of it.

"We'll see a positive return on investment," Garvey said.

The event is expected to generate about 940 nights of hotel room rentals, and will have an estimated economic impact of $470,000.

Carvacho said his goal is "to expand the footprint" of beach soccer to new tournament sites like Cocoa Beach.

He said the Cocoa Beach location "provides tremendous value," with its proximity to such popular locations as Port Canaveral and the Kennedy Space Center.

Major Beach Soccer action during 2016 Summer Qualifying Tournament Series in the adult over-30 division.
 (Photo: Photo courtesy of Major Beach Soccer)

These are some of the differences between beach soccer and traditional field soccer:

Field size: Beach soccer is  played on a 40-yard-by-30-yard space. By comparison, a standard size soccer field is 120 yards long by 80 yards wide.

Goal size: The goals in beach soccer about 1 foot shorter in height and 3 feet shorter in width.

Number of players: Beach soccer teams have five players on the field at one time — four field players and a goalkeeper — compared with 11 players in conventional soccer. Five additional players are allowed on the beach soccer roster, and the coach can substitute on the fly, like in ice hockey. In traditional soccer, substitutions occur during stoppages of play.

Time of game: Beach soccer includes three 10-minute periods, so it's a 30-minute game. A field soccer game ranges from 70 to 90 minutes, divided into two halves.

Game tactics: The announcement said that, "as it is difficult to roll the ball on the sand, the strategy naturally shifts to flicks, tricks, volleys and bicycle kicks."

Garvey said many coaches of field soccer teams like their young players to also play beach soccer to help develop their skills. Garvey was a striker and midfielder on the Oglethorpe University soccer team in Atlanta, and later was inducted into  the university's Athletic Hall of Fame.

Beach soccer started in Brazil, and has been played on beaches around the world for years. The rules were codified in 1992. Beach soccer is sanctioned by FIFA, the international soccer governing body, with the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup held every two years. The next World Cup is April 27 through May 7 in the Bahamas.

Major Beach Soccer has held beach soccer tournaments in Florida for nearly 30 years.

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2016 MBS National Champions Results

National Championship Tournament Recap

St. Petersburg Clearwater Sports Commission

The 2016 Major Beach Soccer National Championship was the best attended championship to date. There were 53 teams which made up 12 divisions’ from 10 years of age through the over 30’s Co-ed division.

This year, MBS was delighted to see team participation from all over the country from as far away as Oregon, Washington State, and California as well as our own Florida based teams.

Thank you Note from our Staff:

Our partners the St. Petersburg Sports Commission and Clearwater Beach offered us the perfect beach location, weather, and environment in order for the teams to enjoy and perform at their best. We also all enjoyed a coach’s social held on Friday evening at the MBS team registration at the tournament host hotel the Holiday Inn and Suites.

Major Beach Soccer our affiliates Soccer in the Sand & The Long Island Roughriders would like to thank all the families and supporters that made the effort to cheer for their teams who executed bicycle kicks, flicks and kicks giving them so many unforgettable moments of joy and sometimes sadness.

National Championship Photo Gallery

Thank you to everyone who came, played and supported Major Beach Soccer in 2016! Be sure to check out the National Championship Photo Gallery.

Final note tournament note - Peter Mellor, Major Beach Soccer President:

Tournament Champions:


  • Champion: 1 Dunedin Sterling, Alex Liic, Dunedin, FL
  • Runner Up: 2 Sarasota Spartans, Stephen Jaynes, Sarasota, FL


  • Champion: 1 Ocala Sand Sharks, Robert Putzeys, Ocala, FL
  • Runner Up: 2 FSC Outlaws, Arthur Ruppert, New York


  • Champion: 1 IMG Academy, Kim Dean, Bradenton, FL
  • Runner Up: 2 The Dabbers, Kyle Kulas, Canton, MI


  • Champion: 1 KICKS, Richard Woolcock, Palm Beach, Fl.
  • Runner Up: 2 SOCal Barcelona, CeEsar Olmedo, Oceanside, CA


  • Champion: 1 IMG, Jorge Cruz, Bradenton, FL
  • Runner Up: 2 Lady Flames, Christine Hester, Valrico, FL


  • Champion: 1 So-Cal Legacy BFC, Steve Citron, Oceanside, CA
  • Runner Up: 2 Dune Dawgs, Laura Miller, Palm Springs, FL


  • Champion: 1 Soccer Beaches, Patrick Mitchell, Wesley Chapel, FL
  • Runner Up: 2 Cascade Kodiaks, Maddy Parton, Leavenworth, WA


  • Champion: 1 Crown Heights, Francisco Flores, Oceanside, CA
  • Runner Up: 2 Syracuse B.S.C. Warriors, Karen Belgrader, Liverpool, NY


  • Champion: 1 IMBS Beach Bums, Robert Klemczak, Boca Raton, FL
  • Runner Up: 2 PeacePassers.org, Marissa Thomas, Charlotte, NC


  • Champion: 1 Calvary, David Clevenger, Pinellas Park, FL
  • Runner Up: 2 Great Lakes Beach Soccer, Erick Khunkz, Grand Haven, MI


  • Champion: 1 Columbus BSC, R.G. Florey, Westerville, OH
  • Runner Up: 2 Rochester Italians, Marc Sotile, Rochester, NY


  • Champion: 1 Loxahatchee Road Prison, Joe Schneider, West Palm Beach, FL
  • Runner Up: 2 Lakeland United, Mindy Allen, Lakeland, FL

Major Beach soccer is looking forward to its 2017 summer series of qualifying events as it continues to grow the National Championship in conjunction with its affiliates Soccer in the Sand and the Long Island Rough Riders programs.

Watch the MBS webpage and social media posts for the 2017 tournament series dates.

Future Manatee soccer stars try their game on sand at Coquina Beach

Article courtesy of Richard Dymond | Herald reporter

MANATEE -- A handful of future stars of Manatee and Sarasota boys and girls soccer were hanging out at the beach Sunday.

Actually they were playing their sport, or a smaller, lumpier version of it.

Players like Darius Baxter of Palmetto High School, Zack Fernandes of Bradenton Christian School, Adan Escobar of Braden River High, P.J. Camacho of Nolan Middle School, Noah Labelle, Cline Burgess and Chase Thornton of Saint Stephen's Episcopal School, and Joseph Sinacore, Wilmer Yanez, Alex Thompson of Lakewood Ranch High were all drawn to Coquina Beach to see what it would be like to play soccer on the sand.

The athletes were participating in the national qualifying tournament for Major Beach Soccer, the brainchild of Longboat Key resident and former professional soccer player Peter Mellor.

Also in action Sunday and representing IMG Academy was a Girls-14 division team which included Savannah Barron of Nolan Middle School, Ayla Johnston of Manatee High School and Mariam Josyula of IMG.

When it was over Sunday afternoon, IMG Academy's Girls-14 team, composed of IMG summer campers and two IMG soccer players, won its division and qualified for nationals with a 5-0 victory over Hernando Two in the final, said Coach Kim Dean, a full-time soccer coach at IMG.

The aforementioned 10 local boys, all playing in the Youth 14 Male Division under the banner of The Braden River Soccer Club, and with the name "Savages," were edged in an exciting final, but also qualified for nationals.

The Savages won their third game Sunday against Art of Soccer, 4-3, with P.J. Camacho scoring one for the Savages and Darius Baxter, who was a consistent force throughout the tournament, scoring two.

That led the Savages to the finals where the Savages entered the third period

down 3-0 against the Ocala We Dem Boyz'.

The Savages rallied in the third period to tie behind one goal by Wilmer Yanes and two by Adan Escobar.

The Savages eventually lost 4-3, but are still headed to Clearwater Beach, Dec. 11-12.

"All the boys gave it their all with Cline Burgess and goalie Chase Thornton being an incredible force throughout the tournament," said Karin Bauer, mother of Savage player Zack Fernandes.

"The boys certainly need their endurance to play on the sand in the hot weather for hours," Bauer added.

Kicks out of West Palm Beach won the Youth 16 division by defeating Team Kai from Sarasota 5-4 in the finals.

"Our IMG girls picked up the game fast," said Dean, whose team won three games Sunday. "It's more of a technical crafty type of game, passing and finesse. It's very strategic."

IMG will now go to Major Beach Soccer's National Championships Dec. 11-12 on Clearwater Beach.

Mellor, owner of Major Beach Soccer, started the organization 28 years ago in Florida after seeing beach soccer in Brazil.

"I saw that and decided that could work in the states," Mellor said.

The governing body of soccer is looking to make it an Olympic sport, Mellor added.

The beach soccer space is 30 yards wide by 40 yards long. By comparison, a maximum size soccer field is 120 yards long by 80 yards wide. The goals in beach soccer are smaller, about a foot smaller in height and three feet shorter in width, seven yards wide instead of eight yards. Beach soccer includes five players on the field at one time, four field players and a goal keeper. Five additional players are allowed on the roster and the coach can substitute on the fly, like hockey.

Beach soccer includes three 10-minute periods, so it's a 30-minute game. A field soccer game ranges from 70 to 90 minutes, Dean said.

For most of the athletes, Sunday was the first time playing soccer on sand.

"If you like regular soccer than you will probably like this because it's a lot of fun," said IMG's Josyula. "You have to pass the ball harder and dribble less because of the lumps in the sand."

"You have to sub out more because it's really hot," IMG's Barron said. "You can't dribble."

"You have to pass a lot because if you try to dribble you usually get stuck in the holes," IMG's Johnston said.

"It's a lot of running because the sand kind of slows you down," said Fernandes of the Braden River Soccer Club. "You don't know where the ball is going to go. Things happen that are very unexpected."

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Competition Rules & Regulations

In 2005, FIFA recognized beach soccer as an official sport and began governing the sport. Since its acceptance by FIFA, the Major Beach Soccer series is adopting the FIFA rules of the game for beach soccer.

Want to know more? Simply click on the image on the right to view the 2008 FIFA Laws of the Game. In addition to the FIFA Laws of the Game adoption by Major Beach Soccer, the rules will also be explained during the coaches meeting prior to each tournament competition.

To view the primary rule changes adopted for the 2011 series and beyond, please select Major Beach Soccer Rule Changes.

Tournament documents will be available for download. If you have difficulty obtaining any of the forms or documents, please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Any or all of the following modifications are permissible:

  • size of the pitch;
  • size, weight and material of the ball;
  • width between goalposts, height of the crossbar from the ground;
  • duration of the periods of play;
  • number of players.

From the Sand


The first Beach Soccer World Cup was held in Brazil, in 1995, organised by the founders of the standardised rules, Beach Soccer Worldwide, held under the title Beach Soccer World Championship. Eight teams were selected to take part, without going through a qualification process. However Brazil, the hosts, dominated and easily won the cup without losing a game. The tournament was successful and BSWW announced that the competition would take place every year.

Growth worldwide:

By 1997, more teams had already stated their interest in participating and therefore BSWW extended their selection to 10 teams for 1998. Brazil continued to dominate, despite this change. Immediately, BSWW extended to 12 teams for 1999, spreading their selection across five continents, introducing more new teams to the tournament. However with all these changes it still took until the 2001 World Cup for Brazil to lose the title after winning the competition six years on the run since the establishment. It was Portugal who won the tournament, with Brazil finishing in a disappointing fourth place.

With this change of champions, more countries thought there was a chance for themselves to win the tournament and this sparked more interest worldwide. Not surprisingly, Brazil reclaimed their title in 2002, when BSWW reduced the number of contestants back to eight. The last Beach Soccer World Championship to be organised purely by BSWW was in 2004 when twelve teams played, seven from Europe.

FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup:

The FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup is a bi-annual international beach soccer competition contested by the national teams of the member associations of FIFA, the sport's global governing body. The tournament has taken place every year since its establishment in 1995, when it was originally supervised by Beach Soccer World Wide (BSWW) and was called the Beach Soccer World Championship. Due to the sport's rapid growth, FIFA took over the organization of the competition in 2005 and rebranded it as an official FIFA tournament. As of 2009, the tournament takes place every two years to allow continental tournaments to flourish without the burden of the World Cup qualifiers crowding the schedule. The growing global popularity of beach soccer resulted in FIFA's decision to move the stage of the World Cup from Brazil, its native home, to other parts of the globe. The first edition held outside Brazil was in 2008 in Marseille, France.

The current format of the tournament lasts over a week and involves 16 teams competing initially in four groups of four teams. The group winners and runners-up advance to a series of knockout stages until the final. The losing semifinalist teams play each other in a 3rd place play-off match to determine the third-placed team. The most recent edition, the 2013 World Cup, was held in Papeete, French Polynesia, and crowned Russia as champions for the second consecutive time, after defeating Spain 5–1.

From the 17 tournaments held so far, only four nations have taken the title. Brazil is the leading and dominant national team, having won 13 titles. The other three champions are Portugal, in 2001, France, in 2005 and Russia, in 2011 and 2013.

For more information about the birth and development of beach Soccer, click here, Courtesy of Wikipedia

2015 MBS National Champions Results

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2015 MBS National Championship Tournament Recap

This past weekend the 6th Annual Major Beach Soccer (MBS) National Championship got off to a perfect start on the pristine beach of Clearwater FL.

There were 39 qualifying teams who joined the competition from across the country spanning 9 divisions (4 x adult, & 5 x Youth). Qualifying teams came to the tournament as winners from one of the summer events hosted by Major Beach Soccer, Soccer In the Sand, or Beach Bums. Teams traveled from San Diego CA, Cleveland OH, Grand Haven MI, Rochester NY, Seaside OR, Washington State, North Carolina and various regions in FL.

Each 1st place winner in the Youth and Co-ed over 30 divisions took home a 2015 National Championship 1st place medal and official Major Beach Soccer ball. 1st place winners of the Adult Women’s, Men’s & Co-ed Open divisions received a $500 cash prize. All 2nd place winners received a medal.

The overall quality of play in the tournament was advanced, competitive and exciting to watch. It is clear that as the popularity of Beach Soccer grows so does the quality of play.

Here is a summary of the 1st & 2nd place winners from each of the 9 divisions.

U14 Male Results and Recap:

Some of the notable Champions were the U 14 male So-Cal Legacy BFC from Oceanside CA coached by Steve Citron. Coach Steve had really prepared his team well before traveling across country to participate in Nationals and came out of the championship game with a 5-1 win against GFL Soccer coached by Eddie Loewen who is a certified FIFA beach soccer coach!

  • Champion: So-Cal Legacy BFC ... 5
  • Runner Up: GFL Soccer ... 1

U14 Female Results and Recap:

In the U14 female division, Lady Flames coached by Tony Hernandez out of Valrico FL were eventual winners of a hard fought match. They won 3-1 after a competitive game against the IMG Academy coached by Kim Dean.

  • Champion: Valrico Lady Flames ... 3
  • Runner Up: IMG Academy ... 1

U16 Female Results and Recap:

After a great championship game the eventual 2-0 winners of the U16 female division was the Sand Savages from Hollywood FL coached by John Peppe. The runners up were the IMG Academy team coached by Jorge Cruz. The IMG Academy players attend a full time soccer residency program in Bradenton FL so the beach was a nice change of pace from their normal schedule.

  • Champion: Sand Savages ... 2
  • Runner Up: IMG Academy ... 0

U16 Male Results and Recap:

The local Clearwater Chargers Club coached by Michael Cole were crowned Champions of the U16 male division after beating Team Kicks 4-2 from Lake Worth FL coached by Luis Savedra.

  • Champion: Clearwater Chargers ... 4
  • Runner Up: Team Kicks ... 2

U18 Female Results and Recap:

In the U18 female division the eventual winner was Sal’s Gals from Ocala FL coached by Sophie Putzeys. Sal’s Gals won the championship game by a comfortable 5-1 win against the Cascade Kodiaks who had traveled the furthest to join the competition from Leavenworth WA! The team was well coached by Glen Stefanko.

  • Champion: Sal’s Gals ... 5
  • Runner Up: Cascade Kodiaks ... 1

Women's Open Division Results and Recap:

In the Women’s Open division, Peacepassers.org from Charlotte NC coached by Marrisa Thomas were crowned Champions after a comfortable 6-2 win against Lakeland Reality coached by Amy Glenn. Both teams have attended many years of MBS beach soccer events. The www.peacepassers.org is a charitable organization and were very supportive of their program by passing on half of their $500 championship purse to the organization. Well-done peacepassers.org!

  • Champion: Peacepassers.org ... 6
  • Runner Up: Lakeland Reality ... 2

Men's Open Division Results and Recap:

The Men’s Open division Champion team were our long standing MBS friends, Team Calvary from Tampa FL coached by Luis Hernandez with a 4-3 win against Rochester Italians out of Rochester NY. This was one of the closest and well-played championship games of the weekend with many experienced players showing the crowd in the bleachers just how beach soccer is played! The flicks, kicks and bicycle kicks in the game of both teams led to a one goal difference in the game going to Calvary. When Calvary’s coach Luis Hernandez came up on stage to receive his championship medal and $500 cash prize he shouted out to the crowd “at last after 5 years of competing in the MBS Championship we finally did it”. Nice job Luis

  • Champion: Team Calvary ... 4
  • Runner Up: Rochester Italians ... 3

Over 30's Co-Ed Division Results and Recap:

In the Over 30’s Co-ed division, Team Lockahatchee Road Prison coached By Joe Schneider was competing in their division to try to complete a “three-peat” title having won the championship in 2013 and 2014. However, the championship win was not to be. The championship game was a “derby” game between 2 teams from the same city.. Lakeland! These teams have played MBS events for many years as Sandcastle United from FL who are coached by Tom Seqreto. Sandcastle United had a comfortable 5-1 win against Lakeland United FL.

  • Champion: Sandcastle United ... 5
  • Runner Up: Lakeland United ... 1

Co-Ed Open Division Results and Recap:

In the popular Co-ed Open division, Real Ale Madrid coached by Jacob Chavez had an easy 6-1 win beating Team Kicks coached by Richard Woolcock’s. The team had driven across the state from Royal Palm Beach FL to participate.

  • Champion: Real Ale Madrid ... 6
  • Runner Up: Team Kicks ... 1

We want to thank all teams for coming out to play in this years Championship. We look forward to seeing them again next year during the summer qualifying series. Our 2016 tournament schedule will be announced in early January.

Finally, we would like to thank our sponsors and partners, the St Petersburg Clearwater Sports Commission, Sheppard’s Beach Resort and Vincere Sand Socks for their contributions in making this tournament a great success.